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          How to have an unconventional
          wedding and have a blast on your day.

          Hey, I'm Kristen
          and I'm a hugger.

          Pure photography and a personal experience is what I provide. I want to love hard and serve you, the client, well. Let me be there if things go a little crazy on the wedding day. I hope to be the source of calm you can count on when nerves start to well up in your tummy and I'll be there for you in it all, capturing every moment along the way. Even the ones you didn't know were happening.

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          I’m excited and honored to be with you so let’s enjoy ourselves. Don’t feel nervous or like you have to be perfect. Trust me, I’m no where near it. Come ready to experience vulnerability, honesty, and love. It’ll make our experience so much more valuable. At the end of the day, my goal is to have a freaking good time.
          I’ve worked so hard over the years to come to a place of confidence, passion, and aesthetic. I am constantly looking for clients I connect with. Clients who are humble, confident, and casual. I’m best at capturing light and moments the way they are happening. Trust me to tell your story in the most authentic way I know how.

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          my recent pride & joy.

          April 30, 2018

          Intimate Wayfarer’s Chapel Wedding in California w/ Beth + Ian

          If I'm being 100% honest, I was so exhausted. I had been to Seattle and Santa Cruz to shoot two other weddings before making my way to LA to shoot Beth and Ian's. Actually, exhausted didn't begin ...
          April 16, 2018

          First Steps When Starting a Photography Business Pt. 1

          So you know how to work a camera and you’re comfortable shooting in manual most of the time. You’re ready to start your photography business! Or are you? Knowing when and how to start your own bus...
          April 10, 2018

          Olympic National Park Elopement w/ Shyla + Jeremy

          Their plan was to elope on Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park. It was the perfect spot. When I arrived the next day to scope out the area before Shyla and Jeremy arrived, I was greeted b...
          March 19, 2018

          How to Keep Sanity as a Full Time Wedding Photographer

          Owning a small business is a recipe for insanity. It’s tough, and if you’re not in control, it can easily take control of you. In the past year, I’ve made some changes, big and small, that have helped...
          March 12, 2018

          Vintage Inspired Elopement at Algiers Courthouse

          Alissa and Henry wanted their decision to marry captured in an intimate, hands-off way. They wanted me to follow and just capture--minimal posing and structure. Approaching a shoot like that is al...
          March 1, 2018

          New Orleans Courtyard Wedding at the Terrell House w/ Amy + Ryan

          Blueberry. It was the code word Ryan, the groom, gave me when he wanted me to take a picture for him at the reception. This may seem like nothing to you, but to me, it meant a great deal to me. I kne...

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