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 I’m a laugher at the oddest of sorts. I thrive on raw moments¬†and real smiles. I’m here for you and your loved one. Let’s get to know each other and have a rad time.


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How to rock a wedding day.

So many different running parts go on during a wedding day. There's no perfect recipe for a wedding, because there are d ...
April 28, 2016

Audubon Zoo Wedding | Alexa + Ryan

We met up at a coffee shop, totally unaware of how perfect of a match we would be. Alexa and Ryan are one of those coupl ...
April 21, 2016

Andy + Brittney Intimate Elopement

Intimate. Creative. Raw. This intimate, Louisiana elopement is one from the books. When I first received Andy's email a ...
April 7, 2016