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  • Louisiana roots with a West Coast soul.

    I want black coffee paired with a dash of cinnamon. I love it natural. My knack for natural beauty in life goes hand in hand with my desire to capture your beauty as is. The way the day was in itself. How the sunlights streamed through your hair putting off a natural glow. The way you laugh with your eyes closed and grin spread wide. I want to highlight the beauty found in your scars and freckles. My job is to capture the essence of you and in that, I keep it simple and pure. You are enough.

    I love what I do. Seriously. I get such an adrenaline rush from making sure timelines flow correctly. When there is an independent souled toddler running around without a care in the world. When the grandmother of the family gets herself out on the dance floor. Those moments..I love. They fuel my passion for my business as well as my relationship with my clients. I care more about you guys than I do about the perfect composition. I want to make sure you are cared for, loved, and relaxed before I begin my job photographing your day.

    I’m happy to say most of my clients are dear friends of mine. To share such an intimate time with someone, I can’t help but keep up with them. By the time the wedding day rolls around, we have enjoyed dinner or coffee together. We have laughed about favorite TV shows and nonsense happenings from day to day. I have cried with them during hard times and have held on to several when they have received the worst news. I take you with the joys and the utter lows of life. Above all, I care about you first.

Mia | Bridals | Lake Arthur, LA

Simple and easy-going. The only way I can describe Mia as a bride. She just wanted to be married! I loved the vintage flair she had from her dress and the location she choose to photograph it in. Her brother had just moved his “camp” on a property in Lake Arthur. I put quotations around camp, because it is nothing like a camp. It’s an old home filled with unique, old southern flair. I could not stop drooling over the interior and exterior. Take a look for yourself.


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The Jordans | Family | Baton Rouge, LA

I get so overwhelmed with joy when I walk into a house full of my images. Meredith is the type of mom who loves photos of her family. Not only does she love them, but she frames them and decorates her walls with them. During our last visit she exclaimed how she is quite literally running out of wall space. We joked that she should have digital frames everywhere cycling through shoots. That was a joke, haha. But seriously, I love when clients love my work and their family like that! Here are just a few images from their mini session.


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