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        you are mine

        Katie is unbelievably raw and honest. She shares so willingly about the struggle she has with anxiety and depression that it allows you to walk with her and witness her journey first hand. It’s a journey that I’ve gladly¬†witnessed over the past few years. It’s a journey that calls for a life partner who is strong, endlessly loving, and patient. Neal is the perfect match for sweet Katie. He holds her like a precious gift she is. It takes a strong man to lay himself down in order to see his bride lifted up. Watching the way he cherishes her and encourages her is a treasure in itself. I would spend that Sunday afternoon with them over and over and over again–without a second thought. It was a gift to be asked to document and share so many special moments with them.

        Here are just a few <3

        If you want to read more about Katie’s journey check out her website she recently launched here.

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        I’m pretty excited you’re here. I still get giddy when I post on here so take your time and really soak up every word and image I’ve thoughtfully published. Who knows maybe your life event will be up here next.