I enjoy myself at your wedding.

I eat the cake and even dance a little bit.

It’s one big celebration and i’m right there with ya.

Leah + Justin McMillin

What should I expect after our shoot or wedding?
After we conclude a portrait session, I scurry on home to check out all the magic we just created. I skim through them and delete all the blinking/mess up pictures. I then export them as unedited jpgs and upload them to a proof gallery for you. I send you a sweet email with all instructions. You then pick your favorite 25-30 images and send me the numbers! I edit them and upload the finished product to a high-res gallery for you to print and post from. The whole process takes about a week or less depending on how fast you get your choices to me. Weddings are a little bit different. Mainly because I’m skimming through oh about 1200 images. I take full liberty on deciding which ones to keep for you unlike my portrait sessions. It takes me about a day or two to get to the final selection of files. I then begin editing and slaving over the beautiful memories while binging on netflix. You typically will have your online gallery while you are on your honeymoon or soon after. I’m a boss. Within a month, you will get your cute little USB in the mail ready for you to go nuts on.

What equipment do you use?
Canon 5D Mark III & 1DX, Canon 50L 1.2, Sigma ART 35mm, Canon 85mm 1.4, Canon 100mm & 50mm macro, Canon 45TS 2.8, Several Canon 600 EX RT speedlites, Genaray LED Panel, VSCO & Mac for post processing, ONA Capri leather bag, and 1510 Pelican Case

Is this, like, your job?
duh. I mean…yes, my dear, it is. And yes, it’s awesome.
Do you have a degree?
Yes, I am a Graphic Design graduate of the oh so fabulous Lousiana State University. College was fun and I had zero spare time since I was a full time photographer and student. Now I have all the time in the world, mwuaha. Adult life is awesome.
What do I (the client) wear on a shoot?
This is hard to answer because of the diversity between my clients. I’ll tell you what I prefer. Usually I find that neutrals mixed with a funky piece of clothing or accessory works best. You do no want too much business going on, but you also do not want too much neutrality. Patterns are great as long as they are timeless. I don’t want you to look back at your portraits and say “what the heck was I thinking!?” It’s best to go with classic styles. Now, just because I say classic is best I do not want you to think you can’t make a statement. It is very possible to make a statement while still keeping a classic look. I hope this helps. If all else fails look at my pinterest boards or just ask me!
How does a shoot with you usually work?
Up until the day of the shoot, I will be in contact with you via email or phone. I will be discussing ideas, themes and outfits with you. On the day of the shoot, we will meet up usually at the first location or my residence. We will set out to the locations and begin shooting your portraits. My goal for your shoot is to show your personality through the images. I want the viewer to know you had fun and enjoyed yourself.
Do you have a studio?
No, but I do have this swanky home office in Baton Rouge. Please come visit me. I really don’t like claiming Starbucks as my usual meeting spots with clients. I’m not crazy, nor am I dirty. So let’s meet at my place! Unless you’re totally weirded out then of course we can meet at Starbucks:)
Will our wedding or shoot be featured on your blog?
That’s tough to say. So many factors roll into that. First things first, i’m the realest my blog is my home. It’s my business face. It’s how I get baller future clients. Therefore, I have to be very strategic about I post on here. Sometimes I don’t really like a particular venue, so if I don’t want to shoot there again I won’t post it. However, this doesn’t change your experience with me. Let that sink in, love. This does not change how much love and care I pour into on your day. Your wedding day is the perfect day you and your family, but it may not be the perfect day for me, which is okay. I will still shoot the heck out of it and produce baller images for you.
What forms of payment can I use?
Cash, PayPal, and check only. Checks can be made out to Kristen Soileau Portraits.
I'm so awkward in front of the camera, me and my fiance are literally the worst.
To that I say, blah blah blah no you’re not, shut that pretty mouth. With love of course.
Kristen, what is your ideal wedding day?
Oh, hmm…slow, unique, emotional, edgy. I dig a bride who isn’t afraid to do her own thing. Wear a non-white dress. Have a first look. Do things true to you, not Pinterest. I try to explain this to most of my clients so I’ll explain it a little bit here too. Your wedding should represent you and your fiance so wholly that it can’t be copied by anyone else. Your guests should walk into your wedding and say “wow, this is so like them two.” This is the one day all of your loved ones will travel to come and celebrate you two as a couple so make it worth their time!