TO MENU

        Where could I possibly begin with this amazing couple? From the moment I met Jean, I knew she would be an incredible bride to work with. At our first meeting, we chatted about everyday topics as we sat down to a cup of coffee. Jean and I bonded over our favorite TV shows, laughed about how having brothers makes a girl tougher, and an hour into the meeting, I noticed we hadn’t talked about the wedding once. The feeling of two people really understanding each other after just meeting is truly extraordinary, and that’s what I felt with Jean. After catching a glimpse of her kind spirit, I could only imagine how her fiance Jo must be. On the day of the shoot, Jean warned me, “We aren’t very photogenic, you’re going to have to direct us a lot.” Next thing I knew, these happened…







        ***Special thanks to Kaley for her editing genius. Without her I would have terrible transitions and grammar.

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