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        It was a tough time in my life. I just got back from a San Francisco trip with my roommates. Two days prior, I witnessed a heart-wrenching tragedy while on the job. The only way I knew how to cope during a fun-filled trip while battling such sadness was to take pictures. I lagged behind and allowed my mind to process by disappearing behind the camera and capturing what I knew I would one day look back on and enjoy. Fast-forward a few months…

        Karen contacts me as a prospect to shoot her wedding with very specific requests-no mediocre images. Throughout the several emails back and forth, she mentioned she loved my personal work-especially the ones from my SF trip. Rarely do clients request me to handle their wedding as personal work so for me I was taken aback. She gave me full creative freedom.

        Karen pushed me to break to many creative chains, I had placed over myself through experiencing such a hard time. I was in the grind of just pushing out “pretty” images all the while rarely being satisfied. She encouraged me to create art and shoot beyond what a client may want. With the help of her words, I’ve been able to heal through falling back in love with an art that I cherish so much even though I wanted to let go so many times.

        Thank you my dear, you mean more to me than you will know.