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        “Cities have the capability to at any moment

        shift out of the familiar, even if you’ve lived in

        one all your life.” -Kate Milford

        The Big Easy never gets old to me. I didn’t grow up there but I’ve spent enough summers and weekends there to count for years. The energy, the food, the sounds-they are mesmerizing. Notice I didn’t mention the smells. The smells are quite horrific, but I won’t take you there.

        It was a perfect day to adventure around the warehouse district of New Orleans. Over cast sky, cool temperatures, and a couple that looked like a million bucks. My hearts grows more and more for these two as their date gets closer.

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        oh hey, it me.

        I’m pretty excited you’re here. I still get giddy when I post on here so take your time and really soak up every word and image I’ve thoughtfully published. Who knows maybe your life event will be up here next.

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