TO MENU

        Awkward moments give me great joy. Women like Kristin Wiig and Mindy Kaling are my jam. I have a poor imagination which means I can’t read anything sci-fi or fantasy. My most played Pandora station would be “rap 2014”. It’s ratchet, you’ve been warned. I am an adventure seeking homebody. You’re likely thinking “Kristen that makes zero sense” and I would say you’re right, I don’t make sense. The safety of home is comforting, but daydreaming a new adventure is exciting. Routine is where my body likes to be, while constantly seeking change is where my brain likes to be.

        I always start books but rarely finish them. I have come to critique the cake and DJ at every wedding I attend. My husband is my favorite human being I have ever met. Seriously, he’s my best friend and soulmate. I have a southern soul with a west coast style, but you can only tell I have an accent when it’s late in the day and my mouth is tired. A tough weightlifting session gets me ready for the day. I observe a lot and my brain is a little bit all over the place as you’ve probably already noticed. Let’s move on, shall we?

        i dig:

        + pattern mixing + hand-sketches + meat, all meat + messy hair + vintage mugs + people who smile with their entire face + bon iver + the smell of pine + singing in weird voices + tequila + club rap +

        i don’t dig:

        + private instagram accounts + small talk + vegan cheese + lame DJs + apple candles + strawberry flavoring + over-edited skin + cold feet + mean grooms + the electric slide + sex jokes + morning breath +

        What equipment do you use?
        Do you travel for sessions and wedding?
        Do you have a degree?
        What do I (the client) wear on a shoot?
        How does a shoot with you usually work?
        Kristen, what is your ideal wedding day?
        Will our wedding or shoot be featured on your blog?
        Canon 5D Mark IV & 1DX, Canon 50L 1.2, Sigma ART 35mm, Sigma ART 24mm, Canon 85mm 1.4, Canon 100mm macro, Canon 45TS 2.8, Several Canon 600 EX RT speedlites, VSCO & Mac for post processing, Kelly Moore Backpack, and 1510 Pelican Case