TO MENU

        Let’s make a connection first.

        We're gonna have a blast

        We likely will meet for the first time on your wedding day and my goal is for it to feel like we’re old friends reuniting. I have the habit of jumping in on all the jokes and I like to think I become part of the family–even if it’s just for a day. I will hug you, a lot. I love being considered a friend not just another part of the vendor crew. Let’s share funny stories and walk away with sweet memories together.

        I know this is an investment.

        I don’t take you hiring me for such an important, irreplaceable event lightly. The amount of trust you place on me is recognized and deeply appreciated. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2011 so you can trust me to deliver your images when I say and show up at the times we’ve discussed. On top of that, you can trust that I will show up in the professional yet fun manner I’ve talked about. You’re paying me to stay on schedule, organize family photos when it can be the most chaotic, make decisions last minute when rain is about to pour and we have to change photo locations.

        More than a photographer

        I’ve happily taken on more than one role at weddings. When there isn’t a coordinator organizing everything on the day of, I quickly step in and advise when necessary. I always help with timelines to ensure your images turn out the best, I’ve bustled dresses and have even corrected hairstyles that brides weren’t happy with. I’m there for you and I want you to be as happy as possible. If I can help that, then you best believe I’m going to!

        I am not everyone's style.

        Nor do I want to be. I do not approach your day like every other wedding. Each couple has their own story and their own aesthetic. Let’s get excited about shooting together, you’re spending hard earned cash. Let’s take it slow. This allows so much more creativity. I’m on your team and I want to make it worth it for you. Once we’ve booked, I become your number one fan. I do everything in my power to provide you with the cool imagery you’ve booked me for, but that takes a mutual respect and understanding. So let’s have fun!

        If you feel the same connection, then let’s chat.

        My clients are vivacious.

        Free-spirited adventurers ready to send tradition down the street. They appreciate the art I provide. They are confident in their skin and love showing that off. They aren’t afraid to step out of the box and dance in public. They appreciate the creative things in life. They are free and they are awesome. Being imperfect is perfectly fine with them.