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        You made me question a lot. We started off on a rough patch. Things didn’t seem real. How could the start of a year go so terribly wrong? Months of pain and sadness that I subconsciously equated with my business. If I wouldn’t have been a photographer, then I wouldn’t have witnessed such tragedy. Those were the thoughts I fought off for months, until I stepped into the office of a professional and began to unpack so many things I had packed away for no one to see.

        You brought intense challenges, many sleepless nights, countless creative outbreaks, so many wonderfully hard experiences. You pushed me out of my secure, solid box and brought me into a box that seems to be made of tissue most days.

        You provided so many gut-clenching laughs, ugly cries, and coffee binges. You brought me to cities I’ve never been before and allowed me to meet some of the most beautiful souls.

        My clients. Whoa, did you bring me amazing clients. Beautiful people with even more beautiful stories. You showed me how to work hard, love hard, and fight hard. Just keep pushing.

        You ended on what could have been my most favorite day to date. My own wedding. You allowed me to be on the other side of the camera in turn teaching me so many pivotal lessons for my own business. We didn’t start out so hot, but boy have you made it up to me. I can’t possibly imagine the goodness that is yet to come.

        Here’s to you, 2014.

        sauserkirbywedding__145reception_scottwedding_396Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014winniford_prep__125winniford_portraits__175spedalewedding_batonrouge_portraits_121 (1)sauserkirbywedding__819Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014Dominique & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014Dominique & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014winniford_details__4vicknichols_wedding_82314__145sauserkirbywedding__520sauserkirbywedding__211sauserkirbywedding__266Dominique & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014details_scheercoder__49detail_scottwedding__31Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014desireechadceremony__80abigailrigo_reception__136winniford_portraits__44winniford_details__38ellison_prep_35herrarawedding_portraits__117herrarawedding_portraits__73firstlook_scottwedding__18Anna & Vinnie LeDonneellison_prep_154Anna & Vinnie LeDonnenorasteve__24herrarawedding_preceremony__20kirstenjosh_neworleans_wedding__360portraits_cassietaylor_41norasteve__240kirstenjosh_neworleans_wedding__549kirstenjosh_neworleans_wedding__540portraits_latoilais_211portraits_scottwedding_57Anna & Vinnie LeDonneAnna & Vinnie LeDonneellison_details_71ellison_details_47ellison_details_39desireechadceremony__32Dominique & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014winniford_prep__70winniford_portraits__140Anna & Vinnie LeDonneAnna & Vinnie LeDonnedetails_scheercoder__35rayburnmadden_covington_portraits__132prep_scottwedding__131prep_scheercoder__91Anna & Vinnie LeDonnerayburnmadden_wedding_prep_covington__137rayburnmadden_wedding_prep_covington__52ellison_portraits__40ellison_details_1Dominique & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014Dominique & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014details_latoilais_9rayburnmadden_covington_portraits__78rayburnmadden_covington_portraits__52details_scheercoder__8prep_scottwedding__20portraits_scottwedding_88rayburnmadden_wedding_details_covington__44sauserkirbywedding__328vicknichols_wedding_82314__9vicknichols_wedding_82314__23spedalewedding_neworleans_prep_26spedalewedding_batonrouge_portraits_31spedalewedding_neworleans_prep_46sauserkirbywedding__851sauserkirbywedding__585sauserkirbywedding__110sauserkirby_wedding__222sauserkirby_wedding__166sauserkirby_wedding__94Ashley & JoelKristen Soileau Portraits 2014sauserkirby_wedding__293sauserkirby_wedding__294sauserkirby_wedding__248rehearsal_cassietaylor_132reception_scottwedding_361

        oh hey, it me.

        I’m pretty excited you’re here. I still get giddy when I post on here so take your time and really soak up every word and image I’ve thoughtfully published. Who knows maybe your life event will be up here next.

        Let’s be FB official