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        Here is where I allow you to take a walk in my personal life. My home. My office. My space. And I love it to a million pieces. Ever since I was little, I dreamed of having an office just like my dad. I wanted to be a boss. I collected calculators that actually printed out receipts, whoa. I held onto old keyboards pretending they were computer systems and I was taking all of your money. Who knew that 15 years later I’d be a boss and I’d have one employee. Who is pretty good lookin’ and hilarious might I add. She also has the voice of an angel. If you haven’t gathered it by now, i’m talking about myself. Moving on.

        So here is my cute little space. It’s bright, eclectic, all over the place, and most importantly-mine.


        This is the couch that all my beautiful clients will sit on and explain to me why they are choosing me as their photographer while I feed them coffee and yummy bits. You are probably wondering what my inspiration was or how I came up with what I’ve put together. Well, that’s hard to nail down. I tried to emulate my brand for one. Bold, bright, clean-oh, and pink. I hand painted all the pink items you see in the room to tie into my brand a little bit better. I also wanted to pull in a little Palm Springish vibes with the patterned couch, funky hues, and live plants.officetour__1_blogstompedofficetour__blogstompedSo one item that i’m super duper duuuuper excited about is that cute little mid-century lamp. It’s actually not vintage and not mid-century at all. Tis a Target special. I’ve been spying on it for quite some time now, but it was above what I wanted to pay so I moved on. Then I went back about a week ago and it was on sale. I snatched it and hugged it and held on tightly to it until I reached that gloriously long check out line. Originally costing $56, I purchased the entire thing for $22. BOOM, go ahead and say it. That’s awesome.

        officetour__5_blogstompedofficetour__27_blogstompedofficetour__6_blogstompedofficetour__8_blogstompedofficetour__7_blogstompedA lot of my items are thrifted or found. I found this stellar couch through a friend who was selling it for an amazing price. The pillows came from Tuesday Morning. All cameras have been gifts over the years. I kinda collect them if you can’t tell already. My little Mexican cuties were from a thrift shop years ago. I just love them to pieces. All the deer skulls were given to me by my dad. I bleached and painted them…he would probably laugh if he saw what I turned his mounts into. “Buuuut dadddd, they’re suuuuper chic.”

        Below is where my butt stays planted for a lot of the day, staring into that magnificent screen (which I’m currently doing). I tried really hard to organize and keep it clean for you guys but I was getting sick of shoving my mess elsewhere. I’m never this clean nor organized, so you’re in for a treat. All baskets on the shelves came from Home Goods. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Oh my good Lord where did you find that hunk of a desk?” Well ladies, hold onto your britches because my studly husband made it. It’s probably my most favorite piece of furniture in here due to the fact that it’s custom, awesome, and makes my office an office. He slaved over this for months in addition to working a full day at his job where he builds furniture all day. It’s solid walnut, no fake stain and facade. That’s the true wood color and i’m in love.

        Ignore the following: wires under desk, dirty candle on printer, fan string hanging out up top, and printer wire chillin’ in the back. In a perfect world those would be gone, but we’re not in a perfect world now are we.
        officetour__28_blogstomped officetour__24_blogstompedofficetour__18_blogstompedHere are some of my favorite business books. #GIRLBOSS being my absolute favorite. Read it, read it all! There’s my metal K in case I forget what my name starts with.

        officetour__17_blogstompedofficetour__26_blogstompedofficetour__13_blogstompedofficetour__15_blogstompedOver the years, I have come to start collecting post cards and old photos from places I visit. Those are what fill up my little inspiration wall for the most part. Below are photographs I found while in Prague. I organized them together and framed them as a little reminder of my travels. No matter where I’m living I always have a little arrangement of inspirations close by. Sometimes I exchange out different postcards and images, but for the most case I always have three special photographs in the mix. One of my mom in her 20s bending over in hot shorts hot maaaamma, one of my dad as a young 70s bachelor drinking a beer…in hot shorts sookie sookie now, and the other one is of my mom and my grandparents on my parents wedding day, humbly standing in the living room they were married in.


        My space isn’t quite complete yet, but I were to wait for that day then it would be a while. Still searching for the perfect throw blanket for my clients to be cozy in, soft ambient white string lights, a bold black and white pillow, a few albums to have on display, and a few pieces of my work to be hung and shown off.

        Thanks for caring:)

        Rug, Chair, and both lamps: Target; House Plant: Snake Plant, succulent; All baskets and striped rug: Home Goods; Filing cabinet, army chest, and Mexican cuties: Thrifted.


        oh hey, it me.

        I’m pretty excited you’re here. I still get giddy when I post on here so take your time and really soak up every word and image I’ve thoughtfully published. Who knows maybe your life event will be up here next.