TO MENU

        And oh what a thrill
        To finally be with you
        And when I see your face I know that

        There ain’t nothing strong enough to keep me away from you
        There could be a wall of fire ten feet or higher
        I would just walk on through
        Where there once was only room for one
        Forever there will be two

        That’s why I travel all this way

        For you

        Amazing home, lots of love, gorgeous people with a killer fashion sense. That makes for a perfect shoot. Oh and a year of marriage, awkward moments, silly laughs, and genuine love adds to it too. I love these little hippy-dippy folks. Such radiant souls.


        oh hey, it me.

        I’m pretty excited you’re here. I still get giddy when I post on here so take your time and really soak up every word and image I’ve thoughtfully published. Who knows maybe your life event will be up here next.