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        Let's be open with each other. Take your time. Read over all these words and then let's discuss cost. It's an important aspect--I totally understand.

        Not too long ago, I was planning for a wedding too. I didn’t realize how quickly things could add up, but one thing remained–I wasn’t budging on quality photographs and a professional experience with my vendors. I needed someone I could trust and I wasn’t willing to risk it even if that meant spending some extra cash. I’m willing to work with you guys wherever I can, but I ask that you take just a feewww things into consideration.

        I am a one-woman show. I’m not a studio with people working for me, earning extra cash each weekend. If you have me on your wedding day–that’s the only place my cares and concerns are. I put so much heart into my client experience to make sure you get the best images and have the best memories with me from that day.

        This is not a hobby for me. I’m so thankful that I’m able to support my family by documenting such a fun moment in your life, but at the end of the day, I have bills to pay and mouths to feed just like you. Reach out and let’s have an honest conversation about costs. I never want you to walk away sad because you think I’m out of your budget. I want to work it out and make it happen.

        Wedding packages start at $2,500 and lifestyle sessions start at $350.

        Wedding clients on average pay $4,000 for wedding day services. Contact me for full pricing details!


        I interrupt budget talk
        with these pretty images.

        A few really, really
        happy clients.

        Kristen is by far the most amazing photographer/person you could use for your wedding! Within a week of getting engaged, I had contacted Kristen to be our photographer. My husband and I decided to elope to Washington and knew that Kristen had to be apart of our day! I'm so glad that she was! From the moment she was in Seattle, she made our trip so much easier. She truly is an incredible photographer and the day would not have been the same without her! I show everyone how awesome our pictures are!

        - SHYLA + JEREMY

        A few really, really
        happy clients.

        Working with Kristen was amazing! She was very responsive to any questions we had regarding her services, she helped direct us during the photo shoots when we weren't sure what to do, and she was super quick with getting the photos back to us! She was almost like my wedding coordinator with helping me and my wedding party throughout the day. I get so many compliments on my New Orleans engagement and wedding photos and I love all the moments she was able to capture. Thank you girl!

        - AMY + RYAN

        A few really, really
        happy clients.

        Kristen has such a creative eye. I don't think that there was a single photo from our wedding that wasn't outstanding. She was so incredibly kind to me on my wedding day; she helped to coordinate so much, and her presence was just so calming and fun. I can't recommend her enough.

        - MADDY + WARREN